10015 S Main Street Houston, Texas 77025

Downtown Aquarium

Here, landlubbers can take a tantalizing tour of colorful, captivating undersea landscapes as varied as a sunken shipwreck and tanks full of red-bellied piranhas, venomous stingrays and a shiver of sharks. Featuring more than 400 species, there is plenty to discover at Houston's Downtown Aquarium.

What to Do

The aquarium also has plenty of land-side attractions, including Ferris wheel rides and a rain forest with colorful birds. Take a walk through the Sunken Temple and come face-to-face with lionfish, tarantulas, and pufferfish. You can even see a Tiger Reticulated Python that is over 20 feet long!

What to See

Don’t miss the Louisiana Swamp, with gators, alligator snapping turtles and spotted gar! Downtown Aquarium is also home to white tigers that live in their Maharaja's Temple exhibit. Not only can you see the tigers up close, you can also learn about the Aquarium's conservation efforts to help other tigers in the wild.


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